Summarising Topic 1

Despite having seen my fellow classmates interpretations of ‘Visitors and Residents’, my opinion has remained the same. I maintain that White’s (2011) ‘Residents and Visitors’ Model is far too simplistic. I still believe that Horrigan’s (2007) typology is a far more effective way to categorise users. Since writing my blog however, I have come across Madden’s (2013) study on the technology use of different income groups. Her study found that people earning over 50k a year use the Internet more and are more likely to be residents than those who earn less. These people use their mobiles to access emails and perform every day tasks such as banking and grocery shopping. I found this to be interesting and it got me thinking that a more complex model, which takes demographic, geographic and Internet usage information into account, should be a line of future study.

Much of the research that I have read fixates on one or two variables instead of many.  In fact, the research on this topic is very limited. I was surprised at the level of acceptance of both White’s (2011) and Prensky’s models, especially given that marketing is become increasingly digitalised. This has created a greater need for the targeting of online user groups.

Having reviewed others’ blogs, I believe that I could better present my posts in the future. I found that of the blogs I read, the most enticing to read were those with a clear and well-structured layout. Also, the use of infographics would be a nice touch to break up the text.

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