Create a new item of clothing for less than £2 (Dip Dye)


Distressed jeans and tie dye are both hot this summer season, and you can create this look at home for less than £2.  I created a pair of distressed  jean shorts and a tie dye look ruche dress using some forgotten clothing I found in the depths of my wardrobe.

What you’ll need:

A bucket
White Vinegar
Bleach (not the color safe stuff)
A hanger, preferably with  clips
Marigold Gloves
Scissors (optional)
Nail Buffer (optional)

For the Shorts:

1. In a bucket, combine 2 parts water and one part bleach to make the bleach solution.

2. Prepare your shorts by hanging them over the bucket using you hanger. Alternatively you can threading something through the belt loops.

3. Dip the shorts into the bleach at the desired depth. Leave the shorts soaking for approx 30 minutes. (the bleach will run, so leave about an inch out of the solution for good measure)

4. The jeans I used were black, and I wanted a lighter colour so after half an hour I submerged my shorts fully to get a lighter overall colour.

4. After the bleach has turned the shorts the desired white shade (may take a few dips), remove shorts from the bleach solution and soak in a sink or bathtub with two parts water and one part vinegar for approximately five to ten minutes to stop the bleaching process.

5. Rinse the shorts well and wash the first few times on their own.

6. You can cut or scratch the jean to get a distressed look. I also used a nail buffer to wear down patches.


Dip Dye Shorts

Dip Dye Shorts

For the Tie Dye Bleach Dress:

1. For this I used an old black ruche dress I had from topshop.  In a bucket, combine 2 parts water and one part bleach to make the bleach solution.

2. Next, soak whatever garment you’re using with water and rinse lightly. Using rubber bands (I used old hair bands)  pinch and wrap the fabric which you would like it to remain unbleached. I wanted circles of black but also wanted lines wrapping round the dress, so I scrunched certain sections of the fabric and wrapped,  after I had done this placed rubber bands around the entire dress widthways.

3. Now wearing your gloves, place your garment into your bleach solution. Make sure it is completely submerged I recommend checking every 20 minutes until you’ve reached your desired colour.

4. When you’ve reached your desired colour, take your garment out of the bleach.  Rinse thoroughly and leave to soak for 15minutes in a mixture of your vinegar and water.

5. Remove the bands and wash alone.

Tie Dye Dress

Tie Dye Dress