Skin Correction

It’s that time of year when the summer tan is all but a distant memory, and those skin imperfections are slightly more noticeable.  My mum recently had a few sessions of dermabrasion. From seeing the results I would not recommended any of these more drastic approaches. You could achieve the same results at home with a stiff cloth and a facial scrub.  I’ve been suffering from hyperpigmentation on my upper lip and have been in search of an effective method to even out my skin tone and reduce blemishes without the large price tag and disappointment .

Recently there has been an influx of products on the market that promise to solve just this. I’ve tried and tested a number of them and my skin looks better but none have worked any miracles.

  1. Origin’s brighter by nature was great for exfoliating my skin. It’s labelled as a brightening peel, but it comes in the form of moist exfoliating pads. I’ve had mine for about 3 months now and still have over a ¼ of the pot left so it does work out good value for money.  The pads are quite harsh so be gentle when using them. I made the mistake of getting a bit enthusiastic and ended up with a nice scab. The product has helped my uneven skin tone but my hyperpigmentation hasn’t faded.
  2. I used the pads along with Orgin’s brighter by nature serum.  This made my skin feel fantastic and also worked well under make up but didn’t last long applying it twice daily.  Once on the skin the serum almost glistens which reduced the appearance of any discolouration but didn’t seem to have any lasting effects.
  3. Prai’s Dual action facial peel I would have to say is the best of all the products I’ve used.  Using a cotton pad you run it over the skin and the rinse.  It contains lactic and salicylic acids which make the skin feel super smooth. This product  does seem to help fade blemishes.
  4. I tried using this fade out cream but it didn’t agree with me at all. The cream is heavy and didn’t absorb well. It’s the first moisturiser I’ve had which seemed to dry out my skin.
  5. Cliniques repair laser focus serum was also a nice product but again no dramatic results. The serum is light and fragrance free. It promises to reduce UV damage and wrinkles using vitamins not lasers as the title suggests. The serum absorbs well leaving the skin feeling noticeably smoother and works great under make up. It hasn’t yet affected my hyperpigmentation but it seems to help with discolouration.

Although the appearance of sun damage on my skin does seem to have improved, I can’t honestly say this was down to the products rather than having kept out of the sun.  I’m afraid to say it, but the best thing for great skin is to keep your face out the sun and make sure your everyday moisturiser contains SPF. Don’t go with the damage is done approach, because your skin will improve if you give it time.